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Outfit Hacks to Stay Trendy and Warm This Monsoon Season

Monsoon season is coming and that doesn?t mean you have to give up your love for fashion to get through it. There?s no need to buy an entirely new wardrobe when all you need are some incredibly versatile pieces. Also, you don?t really have to spend a fortune to stay warm and look amazing.

  • The Layered Look

You can still make use of that gorgeous spring dress, just need to create a layered look to monsoon things up. Consider a turtleneck underneath. It adds a cute wintery look to your outfit without the bulk of a cardigan.

  • The Brimmed Hat

Hats aren?t just to protect you from the sun, you can make a statement with a brimmed hat in the rainy season, too. Whether you prefer a fedora or a floppy option, it?s the perfect accessory to keep the rain out of your face and prevent hair frizz. Of course, if you?re facing a torrential downpour you might want to choose a sturdier hat (or combine your look with a snazzy umbrella).

  • Knitted Tops

It?s light and easy and goes with just about anything. It?s the perfect monsoon choice because it?s as comfortable as it is stylish.

  • Consider the Capri

This one might seem counterproductive, but is there anything worse than wet trouser bottoms? Nope! You can stay puddle safe with ? length trousers and maintain a professional look, too.

  • The Scarf.

Scarves are so popular fashion houses have been producing them lighter and lighter so you can wear them all year round. Nothing beats the feel of a soft scarf against your skin in chillier weather, though. Not only that, they come in so many different styles, textures, colours, and patterns that they are a great way to stay trendy and express your personality.

  • Gumboots

They?re not just for festivals anymore. Every little kid has their own pair so they can happily splash through puddles like Peppa Pig, but you can, too! The great thing about gumboots is they keep you dry, and they?re still trendy. They come in so many colours and you can even opt for polka dots.

  • Waterproof Makeup

Ladies, maybe it?s obvious, but this is important. Unless you want mascara dripping down your face before you?ve even arrived to work, you?ll want to take note of this tip. Go light on the makeup during the rainy season and always choose waterproof. You may even want to consider a mascara-free life till the dry days return.

  • The Umbrella

The umbrella is to monsoon season what thongs are to summer. An absolute style must! There?s no need for it to be a boring piece, either, it can be just as colourful and vibrant as you are.

  • The Waterproof Handbag.

You still have to go to work and leave the house during monsoon season, but why should you risk for beautiful designer handbag in the process? You shouldn?t, you can swap it out for a waterproof handbag and keep your precious babies safe at home. The good news is some of these plastic handbag options are beyond trendy and can add an edgy look to any outfit.

  • The Raincoat

The raincoat has had an upgrade. Once upon a time, they may have been drab affairs built to serve a purpose, but now? Now you can choose the clear look to show off your outfit as you go about your day, or you can opt for more traditional looks. Either way, the raincoat is every bit as trendy and stylish as our next item on the list.

  • The Playsuit

They?re not just for summer. The great thing about a playsuit is the bright colours are a great way to lift your mood during drab weather. Also, if you choose cotton or nylon it will dry much faster if you get caught in a downpour.

  • Boyfriend Cut Jeans

When it comes to monsoon season, the boyfriend cut is the wise choice compared to the typical slim or skinny fit jeans. Why? They?ll stay comfortable even if they get soaked in the rain. It may not be your favourite style, but they are super trendy and even when they get wet, you can still wear them comfortably.

  • Cigarette Pants

They?re sleek, they?re stylish, they?re lightweight, and? well, if they get wet they won?t stick uncomfortably to your legs. Bonus points, because they look great as a formal look and a casual one. They?re the perfect monsoon season substitute for jeans.

  • Avoid White

This might just be the most important tip of all, which is why we saved it for last. Never give in to the temptation to wear white during monsoon season. You want your look to remain fresh and crisp all day, and white is the quickest way to look like a hot mess.

All you need are these hacks to keep your style on point and stay warm without breaking the bank this monsoon season.

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