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8 Beauty Treatments from Milk that Saves you A Lot of Money

8 Beauty Treatments from Milk that Saves Money

We all spend a truckload of money in finding those perfect beauty creams, cleansers and anything under the sun to get that envied Cleopatra glow. But what most of us miss to adopt are the hidden secrets of all natural ingredients which are available right across in our kitchen. One such hidden yet resourceful ingredient is Milk. And that?s why we are bringing you this post to tell you about the amazing beauty treatments from milk. So just reach across your fridge and find your one-stop beauty solution in the nourishment of milk.

Beauty Qualities in Milk

One can easily ponder over ancient images of princesses bathing in milk to advertisements of soap and face creams claiming to have milk as an ingredient in their product. Milk is one magical natural ingredient that is certified not only in naturopathy but is sworn by most cosmetic companies. It contains multi-vitamins which help in new skin cell formation treating dry skin and giving a glowing moisturised skin. Where the presence of Protein in milk, repairs the damaged tissues and gives a wrinkle free skin, Lactic acid hydrates the skin and keeps its moisture intact with selenium protecting skin against the sun and improving complexion. Milk is rich in probiotic and hence it kills the bad bacteria from skin, preventing acne and other skin allergies. In short, milk is both jack and master of all trades.

Making sure that you are convinced enough to incorporate this nature?s gift into your daily life, let’s now peep into the beauty treatments from milk.

Beauty Treatments from Milk

Use as Cleanser ? Raw milk helps in removing all the dirt from closed pores cleansing the face thoroughly. ?This protects skin from acne and reduces the formation of blackheads. Simply dab a cotton ball in milk and clean your face every day.

Exfoliate ? Simply mixing grounded oats with milk can give an inexpensive yet excellent exfoliator. Use it to scrub face or body and get a surprising result. Apply the mixture on your skin and let it rest for 10 min before you rinse it off. Using this mixture twice a week will definitely make your skin baby soft.

Get grounded oats here.

Milk Scrub

Make Facepacks ? One of the best beauty treatments from milk is being a key ingredient in almost every face pack. All you need is to peep into the fridge and pick these simple ingredients!

Banana Honey Pack- Mash one banana and add 2tbsp of raw milk and 1tsp honey. Apply gently on face and leave for 15 min. Wash it and pat dry and then you’ll have fresh moisturised skin.

Papaya and Milk ? Mix milk with some raw papaya and apply on face. Keep it for 15 minutes before washing. This pack helps reducing pigmentation and makes skin soft and supple.

Egg and Milk ? Mix 2 tbsp of milk with 1 egg white and beat well. Apply on face till dry and rinse with cold water. This mask helps in tightening the skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles making face look young.

Watch a video that teaches you how to make an egg and milk face pack.

Moisturise ? Dab milk on your face and let it rest for 15 min. This traps the moisture in your face and prevents dryness. Regular usage will make skin very smooth and soft.

Hair Pack ? Say goodbye to dry and frizzy hair. Gently apply milk on your hair and massage for 10 min. Let it rest for 30 min and rinse. This beauty treatment of milk will give deep conditioning to your hair and gives ultimate shine to them. You can even use yoghurt instead of milk to get the same result.

Milk hair Mask

Heal heels ? Suffering from cracked heel? Soak your feet in the mixture of 2 cups milk and 4 cups water. Scrub with a pumice stone to remove dead cells and transform into soft and moisturised heels. Get a pumice stone here.

Heal Sunburn ? If the sunburn is scaring you from wearing that sexy bikini and getting into the pool then worry not. You have an instant solution in hand. Freeze some milk in ice trays. Rub these ice cubes of milk on your sunburn area and it will be gone in quick time.

Body bath ? Soak yourself in a hot bath tub filled with a solution of honey, milk and your favourite essential oil. We suggest?Allin Peppermint Oil?which is an excellent choice to soothe your skin.

This will not only release relax your muscles but give you a silky satiny skin.

Milk Bath

Adding to all the amazing results, most of the milk beauty solutions are easy to access and light on the wallet! So right away, start using milk in nourishing both exterior and interior of your body and get that radiant blushing skin without spending an extra penny.

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