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How to remove blackheads at home? Step by step instructions

Blackheads are vexatious, hardly visible though. Blackheads are the initiators causing?acnes and pimples. So it is a must that you take necessary steps to get rid of your blackheads right now. But for that you needn?t journey up to the parlor or spend several bucks on such a tiny yet serious issue. Get started and follow these simple effective steps to remove your blackheads.

Step 1: Regular face wash

Obviously, wash your face at regular intervals. That?s the best and simple way to remove excess oil from your face, thereby remove blackheads.

Step 2: Gently wipe your face

Use soft cotton towels to wipe your face and do it very gently. Your skin is already very sensitive and so don?t be harsh. Wash your towels daily. Unclean towels will further infect your blackheads and will end up in acnes and pimples. Don?t share your towels with your sisters or friends or whoever it is.

Step 3: Mild Cleansers

Use mild cleansers to wash your face. Soaps usually tend to be harder on your face. Dermadew Acne soap is very effective for oily skin and prevents blackheads that might result in acnes and pimples. Consult with your dermatologist while choosing a facial cleanser and specifically choose ones that are for oily skin. Any skin care product from Neutrogena is simply the best for your face, especially if it?s prone to blackheads, whiteheads, acnes and pimples. They are mild and salicylic acid helps deep clean your face and the results are highly effective.

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Step 4: Face washes

The thing with using best?face washes is that they are very specific and exclusive for each skin type. Soaps are not so. Did you ever know that people with dry skin also get blackheads? Yes, they do! If you are one among the lot, the use Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser Face Wash that moisturizes your skin and also relieves you from dryness. It is both a face wash-cum-cleanser yet it is not soapy. Greatly reduces blackheads! Dermatologist recommended yet if it doesn?t suit your skin, simply stay away from it.

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Step 5: Face Scrubs

Exfoliating your skin is yet another way through which you can remove blackheads from your skin. Face scrubs greatly help in exfoliating your skin, thereby removing the dead skin cells and excess oil from your facial skin. You can either use artificial face scrubs or homemade face scrubs are also very effective.

All you need for homemade face scrubs are OATS, GRAM FLOUR, HONEY, EGGs, LEMON, and SUGAR. Though it?s a scrub that you are using, be gentle with the scrubbing process as it may aggravate your sensitive skin. People with acne and pimple breakouts, then don?t scrub your face.


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Step 6: Haircare

Keeping your hair clean is highly important and if you already have blackheads and whiteheads then you need to be all the more careful about it. Tie your hair back and do not let it fall on your face.?This is the first thing that dermatologists say during every consultation.

Step 7: Pillow covers

It is a definite must that your change you change your pillow covers regularly. Unclean pillow covers cause further infection on your sensitive skin.

Step 8: Removal tools

It is not safe to use a blackhead remover as it may sometimes worsen your skin and it may also increase your blackhead. If you are used to using a blackhead remover tool then well and good. First-time users prefer using removal strips, they are very effective.

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Step 9: Steaming

A Well known effective process that has been followed since ages! Steaming your face helps open up the pores and cleans the pores of dead skin cells and sebum. Don?t overdo the process.


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Step 10: Clean hands

Keep your hands clean and avoid regular contact with your face. The germs in your hands will infect your blackheads, whiteheads resulting in acnes and pimples. These are very basic yet important steps that you should follow to keep your skin healthy and spot free.

Blackheads are not to be feared still you need to take right measures to avoid them developing into acnes and pimples. It?s very important that you drink plenty of water and add a lot?of fiber rich foods, green veggies to your diet. Strictly avoid deep-fried food items since they increase the oil secretion in your face which is the main cause of blackheads and other such facial eruptions.

Follow aforementioned steps to save your bucks and prevent the occurrence of blackheads.

A word of caution:

If facial cleansers and scrubs cause mild skin irritation, please stop using them immediately. What might have been effective for others may not suit your skin because each skin is unique.

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