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How is Cucumber The Best Weight Loss Agent?

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Hello folks! The weather is scorching but everyone still wants to look all fit this summer. Well, I may have found a savior for you. Cucumber, the green vegetable which grows on the vines belongs to the Cucurbitaceae ? the gourd family. This widely cultivated plant can be found in three varieties- slicing, pickling and seedless. The all-season available vegetable is rated as the most beneficial vegetable for good health. Although our main concern is about looking at cucumber as a weight loss agent, let us first view some of the health benefits of it,

Health Benefits of Cucumber

  1. For a Virile Brain: Fiestin is a unique flavanoid compound that is natively found in most of the fruits and vegetables. This natural compound is extensively found in the skin of cucumber. They help in eradicating the free radicals that damage the nerve cells in our brain. Cucumbers prohibit the inflammatory nerve damage. Also, they help in boosting our memory by keeping the brain cells fresh and healthy.
  2. Fights Kidney stones: One of the most popular medicinal uses of cucumber is that it helps reducing kidney stones naturally. The cucumber is a solid mixture of water and fiber content along with different vitamins and minerals. Put together the aid in getting rid of excessive uric acid that are the primary cause for kidney stones. The cucumbers have the ability to get rid of the debris from kidney and can help dissolve the kidney stones.
  3. For Vibrant Skin and Hair: Cucumbers are filled with skin-friendly minerals like magnesium, potassium and silicon that nourish our skin and prevent it from aging. They act as an anti-wrinkling agent. This natural toner is known to be effective against tanned skin as it retains the skin?s natural glow. Cucumber possesses a high content of sulphur and silicon that promotes hair growth. You might also want to read about Homemade Cucumber Face Packs for Glowing Skin.


Why cucumber for weight loss?

Cucumber can be named as one of the most natural vegetables that can contribute to weight loss. They contain 96% of water in them which helps in hydrating our body. Most often people mistake dehydration with hunger which directly leads to food consumption and sometimes to over eating. By consuming cucumber you can reduce this possibility to its fullest, which thereby supports your idea of weight loss.

Cucumbers are rich in sterols that are effective in reducing the cholesterol from our body. They work by partially blocking the absorption of cholesterol in the gut. This action lessens the amount of cholesterol that enters the blood stream which thereby contributes to weight loss.

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They contain all the essential nutrients including Vitamin C, Vitamin K, which holds within themselves the nutritional properties that comes handy during the process of weight loss. Cucumbers are popularly known as the low-calorie food that can be included in any of the weight-loss diets. They contain a large amount of fibre which helps in bringing the ?full-effect? and so they are prominently known as the ?filling-snack?.

Products from Cucumber that contribute to healthy weight-loss:

  1. Cucumber Juice: Are you looking for a healthy, simple and a light juice, then don?t look any further. You can serve yourself with the goodness of the cucumber juice. The cucumber juice is well known for its versatility. All you need to do is to peel the skin off the vegetable to get yourself rid of some wax contents, chop it off into fine pieces, blend it and filter it. You can add some amount of honey to add sweetness to it. The Vitamin K in cucumber juice helps build strong bone tissues and copper assists in producing fresh red blood cells that guards the immune system.?Watch a video that teaches you how to make cucumber juice.
  2. cuc juiceCucumber Water: Bored of just water then tip yourself with cucumber water! The cucumber water is an incredible detox drink that is being widely consumed all over the world. All you need to do is add some cucumbers and water to make this special drink. Soak cleanly sliced cucumber with water and fill it with ice. Leave it for some hours and relish the pleasure of drinking this fancy but healthy drink.
  3. Detox Water: Detox cucumber water can be prepared in combination with lemon, watermelon, mint and ginger. Detox drinks help to naturally reduce inflammation, boost energy and support digestion. We are exposed to various toxins that have harmful cancerous, metabolic, metal health effects. The detox drink shuts down the compilation of excessive toxins in our body. The cucumber water detoxifies your body which helps increase metabolism. They cleanse the liver by removing accumulated toxins and waste material from our blood. Also, they are a natural diuretic drink. Here’s the recipe.
  4. detoxSalads: Salads are the fundamental food item that we consume during a weight reducing process. Cucumbers are the primary ingredient that can be included in any salad. Worried about providing your kid with a healthy snack? Here you go fresh vegetable salads with the goodness of cucumber. This refreshing vegetable will help boost energy. The cucumbers in the salad will not only help you feel full they will also provide you with necessary nutrients that will help you stick to your healthy diet plan. You can also add pickled cucumbers to your salad to make them tasty. Get Pickled cucumbers here.


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Boiling weather, never mind! Weight loss, Don’t worry! Dark circles, Chill out! Dehydration, never mind! This green cylindrical magical vegetable is the one that will make your problems none! In this social scenario where weight loss is often associated with unhealthy habits, cucumbers are the immediate natural source that you will look for when you are urging for a healthy weight loss. Carry on with your diet plan but do not forget to eat cucumbers. Let us try making weight-loss a healthy habit. After all, healthy is the new trend!

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