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19 Bizarre Beauty Products That Will Creep You Out (#5 will make you cringe)

Everyone wants to look good. While some don?t go beyond the basic cleansers and creams, some tend to take an extra step to look their best. Sometimes these steps are ridiculously and weirdly bewildering as they include using totally strange & wacky products that have somehow ventured into the beauty industry. You will be amazed to know that some of these are actually effective.

Prepare to be paralyzed with astonishment. Readers beware! This content is not for the faint-hearted. Proceed at your own will.

Let?s start with things that are simple (comparatively),

  1. Donkey Milk sleeping mask – Donkey milk is scientifically proven to be beneficial for skin. (I do not know how and where they researched it.) This cream supposedly nourishes skin, whitens it and give it a healthy look. Click here to have a look or buy.
  1. Lanolin Creams?– Now this one can be classified as less creepy. The cream mostly comprises of lanolin oil extracted from the wool of sheep. The cream is known for its amazing moisturizing properties. Buy this less creepy cream here.
  1. Pig Collagen jelly cream?– For those of you who don’t know what pig collagen is, it is a protein found in connective tissues found on the skin of pigs. This bizarre jelly cream promises to keep wrinkles away as it has properties that increase skin elasticity. Check this product out.


Moving on to the weird territory,

  1. Snake venom cream?– This cream claims to reverse signs of aging as it penetrates skin cells. And classy as it sounds, the cream actually has snake venom in it. Meanwhile, here I am wondering. Wasn?t venom supposed to be synonymous with poison? Click here, if you are into this product.

Moving on.

  1. Bee venom cream?– What is it with these creators and venoms? (I call them creators because you’ll need wild amounts of ?creativity? to think of these ingredients) Applying bee venom to your face seems scary. But the creators of this product assure us that bee venom cream stimulates collagen production. Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Middleton are known to use products based on this ingredient. Excited to check this? Click away!
  1. Bird Poop facial?– Who wouldn’t want a nice relaxing bird poop facial? Now don’t give me that look. Who knows? This might soon be the norm as this facial promises to make your face glow. Order here to have a bird poop facial at home.
  1. Oyster shell cream?– Why would you want to use boring creams when you can have pearl shell creams? Fun fact: Pearl shell creams were used since the time of Ming dynasty which ruled China during 14th-17th centuries. We didn’t know, that’s all. I?m sure it?s normal to use Oyster shell creams. Hush! If it was fit for the queens of the Ming Dynasty, we modern-day queens should give it a go. Rule the world by ordering it here.


  1. Caviar cream?– Caviar is a delicacy containing salted fish eggs. Okay, now here is a beauty product made from something which people actually eat. (Sigh of relief) And it is tremendously expensive. Wait! Why would we want to put fish eggs on our faces? Because these creams claim to be “fountains of youth” and experts say that caviar creams regenerate dead skin cells and gives?the highest possible hydration. That does sound cool though. Take a peek.
  1. Leech cream?– Oh, Don’t be disgusted! We have so much more in store for you. Now this cream made out of leech extracts (do they grind leeches for this?), is used to heal damaged skin.
  1. Urea cream?– I know what you are thinking. Is it made from urine? Well, Yeah. But don’t worry. This urine is synthetically produced. Good news, Right? It is!! (reassuring myself)

What does this do to our skin? It moisturizes and softens dry and hard skin. Try having a look.


Hold your breath… take a break for now. We are going to unveil even more unusual, strange, shocking beauty products.

Let the countdown begin.

  1. Stem cell creams?– What’s a stem cell? Stem cells are different from other cells as they have the ability to become any cell that does a specific function. They have an amazing capacity to regenerate which can be used in creams to stimulate regeneration or skin cell growth. Stem cells used in beauty products are mostly derived from plants as taking stem cells from human embryos is banned. Now that is a unique cream. Click to view.
  1. Snail mucus cream – Are you still with us? Well, if you are then you might want to know about this cream that is guaranteed to give you a “celestial glow”. If you are ready to be a goddess, click here to buy. Remember, ?There?s beauty in everything, what?s a little bit of ? Err… snail mucus? It’s available in India, Check it out.
  1. Whale poop in Perfumes – Ambergris is a waxy substance produced in the digestive system of sperm whales. Now this substance is used as a base for many expensive perfumes.

Christian Dior- The Poison Series has a base of Ambergris. Click here to know a list of perfumes for men that have Ambergris. (Hmm, how many of us have been wandering smelling like whale poop & didn?t even know about it?)

  1. Gorilla Snot Hair gel?– You read that right. Thankfully they do not use real snot. Or that’s what they say. This gel has so many users worldwide. Why should you use it? Because Kim Kardashian does. Period. Click here to view the product. And if you are curious to know about Kim’s beauty trick, click here.
  1. Bull semen hair Treatment– Push boring oils and serums away. Hair stylists are all abuzz with this new miracle treatment for hair. It is 100% organic and full of protein. Good news is that it doesn’t smell and clients after the treatment say that their hair never felt this good before. Click here to know more. (I wonder how they manage to procure the main ingredient?)


Let?s get the most bizarre products done with.

  1. Blood creams – This is an actual product and we are not joking. As if the Vampire obsession wasn?t enough, we even have vampiric creams based on blood. The cream made from human blood is the latest craze for celebrities. Created by Dr. Barbara Sturn, a tub of MC1 Creams (that’s what they’re called), cost approximately Eighty-five thousand rupees. That is a lot! This is a reminder that these wacky crazy stuff are often reserved for the rich and the elite. (I’m going to go cleanse myself with water. Plain, cold, refreshing water. Why? Because it’s free.)

Fun fact: Countess Elizabeth Bathory is labeled as “The Blood Countess” and is the most prolific female murderer. There are tales that attribute vampire like tendencies to her as it was said that she bathed in the blood of virgins to retain her youth. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dr. Barbara had actually drawn inspiration from the above tale.

  1. Breast milk cream?– Shoo normal milk creams away! Breast milk is here! You might wonder if this is some kind of fetish. How can something like this be legit? Apparently, breast milk clears acne and has anti-bacterial properties.


  1. Placenta cream?– If you are not disgusted yet, good for you. Placenta creams contain placenta from cattle or sheep. These creams are mostly formulated with additional ingredients. We even have an Indianized product for hair. Hask Henna N Placenta offers to condition your hair making it softer than before. Click here to buy.


And the number one wackiest, craziest, most bizarre beauty product is…..

Drumroll Please!

  1. Baby Foreskin cream?– This cream by a skincare line called SkinMedica is endorsed by Oprah Winfrey who calls it “Magic Fountain of Youth”. The product is called TNS Skin Recovery Complex contains foreskin cells. The product assures reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Also enhances skin texture and tone. 18 grams cost a Whooping Thirty thousand. Check this awesomely quirky cream here.


While I really want to comment, I really don?t know what to say, or what to feel. I will just leave you with this instead.


Peace out!

Please do let us know if you have heard of (or used) other similarly weird beauty treatments or products in the comments.

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