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Oil Pulling: Benefits and Side Effects


Techniques that promise benefits, whether the latest decisions or age-old practices are always welcomed. Oil Pulling benefits is the newest addition to the family. The raving praises to the miracles oil pulling works and the oral health that it promises are quite an eye-catcher. To know more on this claimed savior, let’s continue.

The trusted ancient Indian Ayurvedic method of oral cleansing, that notably came into practice about 3, ooo years ago. One tablespoon of refined coconut oil, sesame oil or sunflower oil; swished inside mouth gently, for 10 to 20 minutes, and then spit it out – Oil Pulling. Simple right?

Oil Pulling Benefits:

Oral Health: Rinsing mouth with oil is the easiest way to remove bacteria and other micro-organic built up within the oral cavity.

Regular oil pulling therapy helps you fight against gingivitis, plaque, tooth decay and other microorganisms that cause bad breath.

Most of the microorganisms are single-celled, with a lipid or fatty outer membrane. Now, when they come in contact with oil, which is also a lipid or fat, they naturally adhere to it.

Thinking, “Now that’s a simple way to ensure oral hygiene!”? Yes, it is!


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Simple Detox:

Some experts believe, when the mouth is cleansed first in the morning, even before you ingest anything else, you automatically remove the foreign substances that harm your body throughout the day. Hence, in a way, you detox your body. As a result, hormonal activity could strike a balance and you might also bid goodbye to your skin problems! However, there isn’t any valid scientific proof to the hype created on a complete detox and absolute clear skin with oil pulling.

Points To Remember While Oil Pulling:

  • Ideal to be done every morning (or thrice a week), before you brush your teeth. Experts say, before meals during any time of the day also works equally well.
  • DO NOT SWALLOW the oil. The very purpose of oil pulling is to remove the trouble inducing micro-organic population from your mouth and you would certainly not want to swallow them back. Spit out the oil after you finish, into a trash can (if you don’t want to clog the sink again).
  • While swishing the oil between your teeth, you might not want to be quick and give yourself additional jaw pain (10 to 20 minutes is a lot of time with oil inside one’s mouth)
  • Oil pulling is not a replacement for your everyday brushing and flossing. Tooth decay can be prevented with this method, but not cured. You still need to clean/brush your teeth mechanically to remove plaque between your teeth and cavities. Which also means that you still need to continue your dental check-ups; and you most definitely can’t wish away every dental problem with a teaspoon of oil (happy dentistry!!)
  • Coconut oil for oil pulling is a preferred choice. The natural lauric acid content in coconut oil is a better warrior and anti-microbial agent. So, when it comes to the tooth decay fighter using oil pulling, coconut oil could be the answer.

Recommended reading: The Beginner’s Guide To Oil Pulling: Nature’s Therapy by Kate Evans Scott and David Pearson.

Side Effects Of Oil Pulling:

Continual oil pulling practice lacking proper care can result in lipid pneumonia. A condition where oil droplets accumulate along the bronchial track. It is therefore highly advisable to consult with your trusted physician and dentist about the Do’s and Don’ts of oil pulling.

Oil Pulling is certainly a good regime on your oral care, but the miraculous healer that some claim it to be… Well, that is not so true. Learn the truth about it, follow it right, and do not forget to flash the bright smile.

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