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23 Must Know Karela Juice Benefits

Bitter to the taste buds but sweet to the body, bitter gourd is filled with a wide array of vital nutrients. It contains twice the amount of calcium present in spinach, twice the potassium in banana and twice the beta-carotene in broccoli. Karela is the Hindi word for bitter gourd and karela juice benefits our body in numerous ways, making it a miraculous healthy drink.untitled-design-1

Karela Juice Benefits

1. Karela Juice for diabetes

Bitter gourd juice, when consumed regularly, can help curb the insulin resistance effect and thus aid in the treatment of Type II diabetes. Karela juice contains a hypoglycemic compound that is highly beneficial in lowering sugar levels in blood and urine. ?This can also prevent further diabetic complications that are caused by severe conditions of diabetes, such as blindness, kidney diseases, stroke, heart attack, and diabetic feet.


Drinking a glass of green juice made by mixing the extracts of cucumbers, bitter melon, celery, and capsicum has been shown to control diabetes naturally.

How to make Karela juice? Click to watch.


2. Bitter Gourd Juice to reduce the risk of cancer

Due to the antioxidants and anti-carcinogen properties, bitter gourd reduces the risk of various types of cancer like prostate,?breast,?and?cervical cancer.

Drinking bitter gourd juice or having a Karela Capsule every day can deter the growth of malign cancer cells and when consumed regularly can help in killing these cells.



3. Rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants protect us from free radical damage caused due to pollution, smoking, etc.and boost immunity. A glass of bitter gourd juice contains about 26 mg of Vitamin C, an important antioxidant that prevents aging of cells. Karela juice is the finest remedy for those who are addicted to smoking. Drinking it helps to cleanse the nicotine layer from the system and protects the body from ill effects.

4. Karela Juice cures respiratory disorders

Bitter melon helps to release sputum accumulated within the respiratory tract and lungs and thus gives relief from various respiratory diseases. The pods of bitter gourd can be used for curing asthma, cold, cough, etc.

Drink a mixture of fresh bitter melon juice and honey daily to improve asthma, bronchitis, and pharyngitis. You can also eat the paste of bitter melon leaves and tulsi leaves with honey every morning, is a good remedy.


5. Bitter Gourd promotes healthy skin

Bitter gourd juice is filled with many antioxidants, vitamins A and C which prevent premature skin ageing, diminish wrinkles and protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. Its blood purifying and antimicrobial properties keep acne, psoriasis, ringworm and other fungal diseases at bay.

Drinking a mixture of karela juice and lemon juice on an empty stomach daily flushes out the toxins and imparts a healthy glow to the skin.


6. Karela Juice improves digestion

Bitter melons contain anthelmintic or antihelminthic properties that cure gastrointestinal diseases and kill parasitic worms. Karela juice increases the production of enzymes that trigger the process of digestion.

Consuming a glass of karela juice and buttermilk eradicates toxic substances and protects good bacteria that help digestion.


7. Treats HIV/AIDS:

The glycoprotein beta-momorcharin present in bitter melon prevents the synthesis of macromolecules in embryos, and tumor cells. It also reduces the effects of HIV by deactivating the ribosome function in HIV-infected cells and subsequently kills the infected cells.

Regular consumption of karela juice is best for improving the health condition of HIV patients.


8. Bitter Gourd juice aids weight loss

Karela?s quality to promote weight loss can be attributed to its high fiber and low carbohydrates and fats content. 100gm of Karela juice contains about 3.70 gm of carbohydrates, 0.17gm of fats and 2.80mg of dietary fiber. Bitter gourd is? a natural agent for treating obesity as it is found that the extracts of bitter gourd hindered the formation and growth of new fat cells. Like all other melons, bitter melon has a high quantity of water, a universal suppressant of hunger. The pods of this vegetable contain on the whole 80-85% water.

Drinking a glass of karela juice in the morning on an empty stomach triggers rapid metabolism of carbohydrates which in turn leads to weight loss.



9. Bitter Gourd boosts immunity

Karela juice helps in strengthening the immune system.?The antioxidants present in bitter gourd, serve as powerful defense mechanisms against various viruses and bacteria. They also help curb the several ill effects of free-radicals, including cancer.

Boil bitter melon leaves or pods in water and consume them along with the water to fight against infections and to build your immunity.

10. Relieves constipation

The high content of fiber in bitter melons promotes the process of digestion. Hence including them in your regular diet can help you keep your bowel movements regular and get rid of constipation.

11. Regulates cholesterol levels and blood pressure

Bitter gourd proves effective in lowering the bad cholesterol levels?in the body. This, in turn, reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. The rich potassium content in the melons absorbs excessive sodium in the body and thus maintains the blood pressure.

Consuming a glass of bitter gourd juice or including the melons in your regular diet helps to maintain blood pressure and cholesterol.

12. Karela juice for healthy hair

Karela acts as a natural blood purifier and hence helps get rid of scalp psoriasis and promotes hair growth. It is also rich in nutrients such as?vitamin A, vitamin C, iron and?Zinc that impart a natural shine and luster to your hair.

Apply bitter gourd extract directly to the scalp to stop hair fall. Mix it with some curd, yogurt or banana and massage on your scalp and hair for conditioning. Mixing the extract with gooseberry extract and applying it onto the scalp effectively treats dandruff.



13. Cures hangovers and cleanses the liver

To get rid of the after party hangovers just consume some karela juice and wipe out toxins settled in your liver. The antioxidants and the purifying properties of bitter melon help cleanse and nourish liver problems due to alcohol consumption.

14. Good for your eyes

The high beta-carotene and Vitamin A present in bitter gourd make it one of the finest vegetable-fruit that improves eyesight and cures eye problems, such as cataract.

Applying karela juice can also help in removing dark circles.



15. Karela cures kidney and bladder problems

Bitter melon aids in alleviating the pain due to kidney stones and in expelling them out. The juice also helps to regulate the passage of urine.

Add bitter gourd juice to your diet to cure bladder problems and to maintain a healthy kidney and bladder.

16. Treats heart disease

Karela helps in burning bad cholesterol and unwanted fat faster and hence prevents clogging in arteries and veins.

Mix one teaspoon of powdered karela seeds or the extract of the melons with a glass of buttermilk and consume daily to maintain your heart health.

17. Bitter Gourd juice provides energy

Regular consumption of bitter gourd juice improves stamina and energy levels of the individual. It also improves sleeping patterns and abates fatigue.

Consume bitter gourd juice to get instant energy. Drink a mixture of bitter gourd juice and carrot juice on a regular basis to increase your stamina.

18. Purifies blood

The antimicrobial properties and essential nutrients in bitter gourd clean up toxins from the blood. Its juice is highly beneficial for treating blood disorders like blood boils and itching due to toxemia, rashes, acne, psoriasis, etc. Bitter gourd helps in controlling blood flow and clotting. Hence it aids wounds heal faster and prevents further infections.

Mix a teaspoon of fresh karela extract with some lemon juice and drink it on an empty stomach daily for four to six months.

19. Karela juice cures malaria

The immune boosting and antimicrobial properties of karela tea kill the harmful bacteria and help in curing diseases like malaria, cholera, etc. It also mitigates the effect of some viruses like measles, chickenpox, herpes, etc.

Prepare a decoction of karela by boiling some leaves and drink it like a tea daily, until the fever subsides.


20. A remedy for piles

Mix three teaspoonfuls of the extract from bitter melon leaves with a glassful of buttermilk. Take this every morning on empty stomach for about a month to cure internal piles. To get rid of external piles, make a paste of bitter melon root and apply it over the affected area.

21. Provides relief from gout

The main reason behind gout pain is the presence of toxins in the blood. The blood purifying and liver cleansing qualities of bitter gourd juice remove the toxins in the blood, regulate blood circulation and thus relieve gout pain.

22. Good cooling agent

Like all other melons, bitter gourd contains high water content and thus provides a cooling effect to the body. Drinking bitter gourd juice mixed with buttermilk helps in maintaining homeostasis and replenishes the water lost due to profound sweating.

23. Helps in reducing stress

The anti-bilious and sedative properties of bitter gourd juice help in promoting good internal health and assuage stress.


In spite of being a very healthy drink, excess consumption of Karela may cause nausea and abdominal pains. Pregnant women should avoid consuming too much bitter gourd juice as it might stimulate the uterus and thus can cause premature labour pains.

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