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Unpacking Triple S


First seen in the seventies and eighties and now featured on runways all around the world, the Triple S is making a never-before-seen comeback.

The Triple S is just one of the many recent developments in the trend towards dad shoes, odd clothing, and vintage looks that seem just a hair under cheeky. Born out of the thrift culture brought about by the poorest consumers of street wear, the fashion concept made its way all the way up the fashion food chain until even DemnaGvasalia of Balenciaga joined the trend and had Balenciaga release its own line of Triple S shoes.

Featuring a chunky sole and a compromise between a low top and a high top, Balenciaga?s line will feature various color blocks such as off-white or pink and black.

One of the most innovative ways that influencers such as Uncle Werner have shown their support for the legendary creative?s new Triple S line is to create an unboxing video highlighting the shoe. However, this particular influencer took it to another level by turning the high-fashion yet streetwear ready shoe into a bong. Whether enjoying Triple S as a shoe or as a means to get high, any buyer can appreciate Balenciaga?s acknowledgement of this vintage craze via the Triple S shoe design.

It?s not just the advocacy of influencers peddling the Triple S in creative ways that have launched it into the mainstream. The color blocks allow for people of every aesthetic and taste to incorporate a vogue piece into their wardrobe and can add a pop of color to a neutral street chic look. The show also features branding in bold letters along the side that let other street goers know the haute couture of the shoe. Two tones laces and a triple-sole chunky base also set it apart from its competitors, giving it a look that no other designer, noe any other thrift shop, could even ever hope to try and recreate.

This new launch into the couture dad shoe industry is not a first among high-end companies. Adidas? relaunch of the Sam Smith line in 2014 brought an edginess into streetwear that was ahead of its time, preceding Yeezy and other celebrity deep dives into the culture. From there, it was a mad dash to see which designer could capitalize the most on the look, and in that mad dash creative energies got muddled.

But with the fresh new addition of visionary DemnaGvasalia, Balenciaga was able to get an edge in that he genuinely brought the fresh perspectives of the street instead of the stale perspectives of runway buyers. Balenciaga?s Triple S line iis the fastest seller of 2017 and made a reappearance first in Balenciaga?s Fall and Winter 2017 looks, then again in Balenciaga?s 2018 spring lines.

Most easily styled with ?mom jeans? and chunky sweaters, the Triple S line lives up to the latest designer calls for more casual clothing. These shoes especially offer versatility since they are a combination of a basketball and walking shoe all along a piece that also actually looks good with other pieces of clothing.

Because of the mixed influences for the shoe, this allows for many different options for styling. Triple S shoes look good with further vintage dad looks or with athleisure, all paired with well-maintained, if only messy, hair, and simple makeup looks. Balenciaga?s Triple S line also, of course, pairs well with their most recent collections, but it can also look good when paired with other designers? street ready lines.

Trying to find the exclusive shoe, though, can be like embarking on a wild goose chase, taking some diligent shoppers no less than eight months just to find one pair of the signature treads. But savvy shoppers can cop these trainers at Ssense, an innovative online retailer with a flagship store in Montreal that specializes in designer streetwear and personalizing shopping experiences for each type of person that can walk in the store.

With names like Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin sporting Balenciaga Triple S sneakers, they have put their faith in this product, and so can anyone else. They are one of the newest icons in the fashion industry and have helped propel Balenciaga as a cutting-edge brand that sets the standards for other designers to just try to parallel, but they simply can?t compete. While everyone else has to look for months or nearly years to get their hands on these shoes, with an equally innovative fashion retailer like Ssense, they are just a click away.

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