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DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

13th May 2018 is Mother?s Day. It is indeed a special day to express our love and appreciation for our beloved mothers and other women who are mothers. If you are looking forward to doing something special and handmade for your mother, here are some ideas that might help.

This year, I am making DIY Vanilla Rose Epsom Salt Bath Soak and Scrub, and DIY Lavender Pillow Mist. I am going to gift this for my mother-in-law and aunts. Lately, my MIL has been complaining of insomnia and heavy aching ankles. I came across these recipes online, and they claimed to help with disturbed sleep and stress. Thought why not make these for her for Mother?s Day and thus we are here. These DIYs are simple, easy, does not consume time and are budget friendly. The products are readily available online and you can purchase the containers either from online or any local store. Now that being said, let?s get to the lovely gifts!

DIY Vanilla Rose Epsom Salt Bath Soak and Scrub

Epsom Bath Salt Benefits

Epsom bath salt has been receiving a lot of attention recently. It can be used as a bath soak, body scrub, foot soak and it is also a great growth promoter for plants. Epsom salt is rich in natural magnesium and sulfur. On the side note, magnesium is also important to promote sleep.

You can use Epsom salt as a foot soak as an everyday remedy to soothe tired muscles, relieve stress, cleanse pores and detoxify skin.

Where to buy Epsom bath Salt from?

You can purchase this from any beauty store or also from online. I purchased mine from Amazon. The pack I bought is also enriched with natural Spearmint leaves which are also another recommended stress booster.

Things you need



  • Fill Epsom bath salt in the container of your choice.
  • Empty it into a blender or mixer.
  • Add the petals of 1 rose to this. You can add use 1 rose for 1 cup of Epsom salt.

diy-mother's-day-gifts-lifestylica (5)

  • Roughly grind together Epsom salt and rose for few seconds.
  • Now add a few drops of vanilla essential oil or vanilla extract.
  • Blend again quickly.

diy-mother's-day-gifts-lifestylica (3)

This can be used as a bath soak, a body scrub, foot soak, foot scrub, in a spa therapy, shower, etc. It smells absolutely great! It takes very less time to prepare and works like magic.

DIY Lavender Pillow Mist

Lavender essential oil benefits

One of best oils to treat sleep disorders is lavender essential oil. It has a sweet fragrance that calms the nerves and will help to lull one into deep and peaceful sleep. Aromatherapy is highly recommended for anyone struggling with stress. However, it is also good for those who do not have any sleep issues, since essential oils are enriched to uplift the senses and relax your mind and body.

Things we need

diy-mother's-day-gifts-lifestylica (4)


  • Fill half of the bottle with witch hazel. It got mine from Amazon, check here.
  • Add 10 to 15 drops of lavender essential oil to it. Lavender essential oil also from Amazon, check here.
  • Give a quick mix to this. Oil will not dissolve in water. Therefore when it is diluted in witch hazel, it will mix into the water.
  • Fill the rest half of the bottle with water and mix again.

How to use DIY Lavender Pillow Mist?

diy-mother's-day-gifts-lifestylica (2)

  • You can spray this Lavender Pillow Mist on your linen sheets, bedspreads, pillows and also on the cot. I found this gives mild fragrance over time.
  • Best way to use this pillow mist is to spray few pumps onto small-sized cotton balls. I take 5 to 6 cotton balls, spray them with this mist and slip them under all the pillow covers. The fragrance lasts upto 2 days. My entire room smells of fresh lavender! And sleep? Oh, I don?t even know when it took over.
  • Rub some of the mist onto wrists, ankles, soles of the feet. This will act directly on nerves and provide relaxation.

Hope you liked these simple DIYs. I am excited to gift them and I already love them. Try them and let us know how you liked it. Do share with us any other ideas that you have. Happy Mother?s Day!

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