Monday , 24 June 2024


Make up is an art. It has to be flawless. There is so much that goes into a simple and?clean make up. Right from choosing the best brush, the kind of foundation that fits your skin?type, lipsticks that syncs with your foundation and blush, Kajal colours and the list goes and on?and on. Well this wasn?t to scare you rather help you achieve a flawless look that would keep?eyes fixed at you.

How-to?s, dos and don?ts, step-by-step tutorials, best-in-the-list, tips and tricks, basic?essentials, at-home tricks, best brands and much much more in store only for you. Thorough?research is done before we bring every single product before you. We not only highlight the best?aspects rather we aim to keep you well informed with the side effects with a word of caution as?well. Stay tuned to get your daily dose of makeup tips and we?ll keep you updated with what?s?latest in the trend. For the elegant beauty in you!